Let The Sky Fall

Hello again! As I have not posted in a year, I’m very sorry. I have read a lot over the course of a year, I’ve just never actually got to sit down and type a review until now.

This time I read:

Let The Sky Fall

by Shannon Messenger

Let The Sky Fall

It’s about an ordinary boy named Vane Weston that survived a category-5 tornado, crazy right?!? He wakes up with no memories, except one of a girl in his dreams. He is adopted by a loving mother and father, and is raised as an only child. Audra is the girl in his dreams that appears randomly throughout his life and in his dreams. The truth is that they’re not humans neither Audra nor Vane. They’re air elementals, sylphs to be precise, they can control the winds. While Audra is very experienced, Vane’s memories have been wiped and must have each of his breakthroughs to receive the power to control the winds. Vane is the last Westerly, he’s their only hope in destroying Raiden who seeks for power. Audra must train him, as she is his guardian. She’s willing to sacrifice her life for him, the story continues as they develop a forbidden romance that may have existed for 13 years.

This is a beautifully written novel and I don’t want to ruin the ending, but Raiden is not defeated at the end of the story, it continues on to a sequel called Let The Storm Break, which I have yet to read.

But I recommend this book to everyone!! It will draw you in like a drug and you won’t put it down until you’re finished!

Now that you know what it’s about do go ahead and read it.


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