Alright its been literally forever since I’ve gotten on; life and everything. Man! You just can’t shake certain things off. But I do have something to talk about today as you see in this title. Yes, I know exciting!! Allegiant has been out for more than a month and I have read it.

One word;


I loved it! But… I didn’t like it. Makes sense right? Yes, no?

Roth is amazing, I’m putting that out there. Girl, you keep writing because it is beautiful!

I was a little disappointed with the ending not what I had imagined or wanted. Let me just tell you  Four/Tobias did NOT die. It’s alright girls, take a breath your man is still alive.

No, it’s not like other novels I’ve before. I can’t express how much I feel for this trilogy, I can only say that it’s amazing. It is only my opinion but I think that this trilogy is a MUST READ!!

Tris is daring, brave, loving, caring, compassionate, and everything that makes up who she is plays a role in the decision she makes. Roth puts so many twists and crazy events in this series. I will warn you that you WILL  have tears. You will be pouring your guts out through your eyes. At least I did. I had to reread those couple of chapters at least 4 times, just to soak it in.

But here is my remember it message; Allegiant is amazing! You must read it if you have not. You WILL have tears and just love Roth and don’t deny Tris.

Good Luck My Readers in Life, Books, Everything!!

Love, Lil


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