Manga!! After School Nightmare

I rarely read manga, but when I do I always read the whole series. Okay so in the last post I said that I was going to read Daughter of Smoke & Bone next and I am.

So today I went to the public library and found this series and picked it up, and I liked it so I read it.

But you guys don’t care that I went to the library, so let’s get into the book review!

After School Nightmare

Setona Mizushiro

After School Nightmare

I decided not to do each individual book, but to do the whole series. Cause the stories simply continue in each volume.

# of volumes: 10

Sources: Public Library

Note*: Manga can also be read online

Anime or Manga: Manga


When reading manga in a book, start from the back so the pages open from the left. Either in a book or online, read from right to left and top to bottom. Also a character will be called their first or last name, depending on the person in the story. Don’t bother trying to pronounce the names, it’s hard. Also anime is sort of the movie part of manga where there are episodes, most books have both or one or the other.


A boy named Mashiro Ichijo, is not quite a boy or girl. He has this secret that he has kept from his peers, until he enrolls in this particular high school. He must take this special class, and solve the problem to ‘graduate’. Mashiro’s top half of his body is male, and from his waist and lower is female. The class he must take is a dream class every thursday. He goes into this dreaming, or what they call a nightmare and they must face other peers. Mashiro first meets this girl named Kureha Fujishima, she has a terror of men and is a sweet demeanor. When she  finds out about his secret, she starts to like him. Ichijo wants to prove himself that he is a man, while this other boy named Sou Mizuhashi falls in love with him. Sou also finds a later that he is a girl and starts to like him. Certain student must take the dream class to graduate from high school, they have these necklaces with 3 beads on them when they’re dreaming. Each bead will crack when their spirit is damaged, that is when a person is shocked or of fear. After all the 3 beads are broken they are done for that day. Ichijo must learn to become stronger, and during the dreaming it’s what comes to your mind instead of reality. One is stuck and cannot wake from the dreaming until all 3 beads are broken.


I really liked how Setona Mizushiro, wrote this series of books. She combined this imaginary world and made it more interesting with the different characters, and how they change when they enter the dreaming. Except for Ichijo, he is changed into a girl’s uniform. As he develops a relationship with Kureha, you get to travel with him throughout all the situations. I also like the story because of Suo, who is changed because of Ichijo. Suo is a sex-fiend and has a player type personality, dating girls then dumping them. He does this not for fun, but because he wants to find true love. He realizes that it’s Ichijo when he finds out his secret.


Sometimes it got really confusing whether the character was in the dreaming or in reality, but there are illustrations so you can identify the setting if there are beads on their wrist or neck. Also another part I don’t like is the fact that sometimes it gets confusing, but as you read more manga it is easier to understand. Lastly what I don’t like is the ending, I think that they should write 1 more volume to conclude everything.

This book contains Mature Content

Anyway, I really enjoyed this series and I think that some people will like it.

I rate this whole series 6.75/10, not the best but it was still good.

Also if you get confused I suggest that you reread slowly, or read a review about to get what it’s about.

I would really encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and try something new like comics, graphic novels, or manga, if they only read novels!



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