Allegiant!!!! and some other books

Okay so I know I’m kind of late, like by a few days. But Sydney and I are soooooooo excited!! The third book in the Divergent Trilogy has officially been named Allegiant!!!


Click below to watch clevvertv’s video about the Divergent Trilogy!

You may also click below for USA Today’s article on Veronica Roth’s 3rd book in the Divergent Trilogy, in addition watch the video of Veronica revealing the title for book 3!!


It’s coming out October 22,2013!!


I’ve been waiting for this day for sooooo long!!!

Okay another side topic about this is that they’re making a movie for Divergent!!!! I’m posting a link that’ll take you to a site with information about the movie that’s coming out!

I know that it’s coming out next year but I’m not positive if it’s March 21st!

I’ll keep you guys updated cause I’m REALLY excited!!

Also…. don’t watch the movie when it comes out until you’ve read the book. You have like a year to do that, so go do it!! And be sure to follow Veronica Roth’s blog for the most recent updates about Allegiant!!!

Alright so there’s another book that I LOVE. And not many people are reading it but I think that it’ll be the next hit after Divergent!!

It’s called Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse


I’m thinking about doing a book review on this, and I think I will, This will also be a trilogy and it’s AMAZING too!!!

Also currently I am reading Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor, she even has a website;

Follow my blog and soon I’ll post another review on this book!

Daughter of Smoke & Bone

Okay well this post was kinda long and I know, it had a lot of url’s, but keep on reading!



2 thoughts on “Allegiant!!!! and some other books

  1. Lily, the 2nd book of Forsaken is already out, but I don’t think the 3rd one is. But it is AH-MAY-ZAYN. okay. Im done.

    — Smooth627

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